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CellSkinLab® was born with the mission of improving skin health. With its cosmeceutical vision backed by multiple scientific investigations, CellSkinLab® has focused on developing innovative solutions that are effective and safe.

Pioneers in the development of the potential of antioxidants and their great benefits for the skin, CellSkinLab® promotes the delay of extrinsic oxidation to neutralize the environmental threats that can cause premature aging

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Our Mission is Improve Skin Health
through effective and innovative solutions
that are backed by science and skincare

Our vision is to develop
Advanced Cosmeceuticals,
Nutraceuticals and Technological
Solutions to improve the skin health
of our users.

Our vision is to developAdvanced Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Technological Solutions to improve the skin health of our users.

The Background

The discovery of the positive effects of topical antioxidants on the skin, together with the synergy of innovative active ingredients has allowed the development of effective formulations with stable and safe concentrations that promote improve the skin health.

Based on advanced science and technology, CellSkinLab has dedicated its developments to solutions that meet high standards of quality and effectiveness to deliver important benefits to skin health to combat the unpleasant consequences of aging and skin deterioration, such as, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, wrinkles, fatigued skin, among others.

Our Philosophy

We have pioneered the understanding of the serious environmental damage to our skin, which accelerates aging, but is also one of the causes of skin cancer.

In our journey to find the best solutions available, CellSkinLab involves many experts worldwide in the research and development of our products. Thanks to this, we are able to consider every factor that affects the skin, in Dermis and Epidermis Level, and promote significant changes in correcting the signs of aging and preventing harmful factors in the skin.

Today, thanks to this dedicated development philosophy, thousands of women and men around the world can be assured that their skin is protected with our Quality and Efficacy seal in CellSkinLab.

CellSkinLab® System

Healthy skin with its skin barrier intact protects our body from microorganisms and agents that can cause damage at different levels. Over time, the cells of our body lose activity and aging begins to appear depending on the particularities of each individual.

Extrinsic aging of the skin is the result of the action of external factors and environmental influences, mainly chronic exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation, but also smoking, pollution, lack of sleep and poor diet.

The skin is a living element in constant change that, with proper care and nutrients, can delay aging, avoiding the negative action

of free radicals on cells, prevention being key to avoid irreparable damage to the skin barrier.
CellSkinLab® has developed a unique prevention, correction and hydration system that is key to protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the external environment and preventing premature aging.

CellSkinLab System is mainly based on the timely supply of latest generation cosmetic ingredients and active ingredients that will act synergistically to keep the skin barrier intact and strengthened against oxidative stress.

Discover our Solutions

Discover our solutions

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