Prevent and correct the passage of years. Yes you can!
Many times, when we see ourselves in the mirror we notice that the lines of expression on our face do not disappear no matter how many of the recommendations we read or give our friends. We ask ourselves: will I have a very special skin? Is it too late to correct the years on the skin? Could not I prevent in time?
It is simpler than you think, you just have to learn to complement your treatment with several key elements, for example: For a long time you did not use products to avoid premature photo aging (caused mostly by UVA and UVB rays) and this is reflected in your skin As spots, then it is normal to start using a product to prevent those spots. This is fine, it is a beginning, but it is necessary to complement it with a product to correct the damage that already exists in your skin.
To get results you have to be consistent and continue to complement the treatment to be able to prevent other damages. We will give you a small recommendation of our products that work together to give your skin the power it needs to prevent and correct imperfections caused by photoaging.
Prevent with: Serum 15 CSL®, which is a powerful physiological antioxidant serum based on 15{7f7ac57e5e99f6332bcbf9bf51944dcc5e941801e4aef7048c9c9ea207aaae70} vitamin C that helps you avoid the effects of photoaging and free radicals. If your skin is more mature or has a more noticeable damage, try C + E CSL ®, serum also based on vitamin C but also contains a high concentration of vitamin E.
Correct with: Phytospot®, the perfect Serum to treat skin spots, has optimal tolerance and less risk of irritation. It can be used directly on the spots or on the entire face, as it works as a skin illuminator.
In summary, do not discard your treatment for lack of results at first sight. The good results take a while, since the actives need to enter the deep layers of your skin so that we can really recover the health lost over the years. Do not forget, see what products can complement each other, since the synergistic action of the actives can be key to obtain better results and in less time.
All our products are designed to complement each other. Know them all here.