Tips to protect your eyes in summer.
Over the years, poor diet and the aggression of external agents are the most important causes of premature aging, especially in the eye area.
The area of the eyelids is poor in sebaceous glands and if we add the use of makeup removers (mainly water-resistant cosmetics), we cause dry skin and promote the appearance of lines of expression and loss of elasticity. In addition, they can affect the follicular unit of the base of the eyelashes, causing the weakening and / or fall of these.
Other anomalies that appear are the appearance of dark bags, dark circles and fine lines of expression, with this we not only add years to our appearance, but fatigue and lack of expression.
After years of research, CSL has developed products that correct skin damage in the external eye area, Total Eye Protect , is a set of specially developed formulas that act focused on the bottom Eye Zone (lower eye area) and in the Upper Eye Zone (upper area) to recover the health of the skin and that look you so long for.
Beautifeye , reduces bags and pigment accumulation, thanks to its decongestant action. It reinforces the microvascular network of the dermis, reducing inflammation and attenuating the uneven coloration in the lower eyelid.
In addition, it exerts a lifting action, solving the fall of the upper eyelid, giving a rejuvenated look.
Widelash , stimulates the follicular bulb of the eyelash helping to strengthen, lengthen and thicken them.
A 2 in 1 effect, totally revolutionary and innovative!
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