Get to know all the airless technology of our Eye Cream and Eye Advance Cream
In CellSkinLab® we are always innovating for your experience with our products be unsurpassed, that’s why we present our new packaging with Airless system.
Considered the latest trend in cosmetics, contain a plunger that rises while using the product, as the name suggests, are “without air”, which allows a better conservation of products and maximum efficiency of its active ingredients.
What are its benefits?
They protect the formula from air, light and bacteria, since we do not expose the product when opening it or when touching it with the fingers at the moment of application.
They allow an efficient dosage, since the system is by pulsation and this makes it possible to have the exact quantity of product to be applied.
It allows to preserve the stability of the formula, by not being in contact with the environment, reducing the oxidation of the product.
Greater comfort in each application, with an attractive design and easy to carry around.
We invite you to know all the benefits of our exclusive formulas to correct the damage in the area of your eyes and our new presentation here